Life is mostly back to normal in China now from the corona virus
Dec 08 , 2020

Year 2020 is almost to the end, looking back to this year, corona virus is the hot words in normal life in the whole world. Through the government's right leading, and Chinese peoples's hard work, we  deffened the virus attach, and we will finally defeated it. 

   Look around the conutries out of China, many countries are in the troubles to fight with the corana virus.  As the suppliers of daily commodities to western countries, such as Inida and Vietnam are facing the corona virus problem, their factories can not produce in normal, many orders moved from these countries to China. The result is factories in China got too many production orders, factories have to face much pressure in producing, there is lack of material workers, many orders will be delayed and there are no enough container to load. And the exchage of US dollars and RMB was down too much, now it is only 6.5.

     It will be hard year for 2021, the coroan virus is still actitive in the world, Factories in China should prepare well to face more pressure. 

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